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A New Pep Rally for Durfee

Kelsey Rodrigues '15
Opinion & Student Life Editor
November 25, 2014 

The Class of 2015 celebrates at last years Pep Rally.                             -Hilltop File Photo 

With Spirit Week half-way done, students are eagerly waiting for the much anticipated Pep Rally. As each class works diligently to complete their door and skit for Wednesday, they must conform to a new set of rules designed to keep the day safe and fun. 

After last year's Pep Rally day resulted in mass chaos - students and faculty were forced to evacuate in the pouring rain when the fire alarm went off in the midst of the door decorating contest - administrators sought a solution that would maintain the enthusiastic atmosphere while eliminating the pandemonium. 

While students typically roam the halls without consequence in the morning and visit each door, students must now stay in their first two classes before going to gym for the day's main event. 

This has caused much outrage among students, who feel that the formerly action filled morning built up to high energy of the pep rally. "I get that its a safety hazard having everyone running around, but it would be great if their was another way to prevent chaos without completely eliminating this tradition," says Senior Brianna Camara. "Its really just a time where everyone gets so involved and shows their pride."

Additionally, new rules have been created to return the focus of the event to the skits rather than the doors. New restrictions are being enforced regarding the size of the door decorations. There is also stricter emphasis on the fact that presentation must be static and that doors including music or theatrics will be disqualified.

"Spirit Week and the Pep Rally are stressful for everyone," elaborates Mike Costa, teacher, student government advisor and a prominent organizer of this weeks events, "In order to make it more manageable for advisors and students, student government decided to be more defined with the rules." 

Despite how people may feel about the new policy, Pep Rally is sure to not disappoint. With red and black flowing stronger than ever through our veins, Durfee will be as loud and spirited as ever! 

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