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Durfee Bells Ring Again

Jane O'Brien '15
September 26, 2015 
The silver tower holds the 12 historic bells.

                                    -Hilltop File Photo 

The restored Durfee bells rang with a sense of pride and purpose on Friday, September 19.

After years of hard work and a significant amount of donations, the Durfee Bells, that originally called Rock Street home, boomed while members of the Preservation Society, Durfee alumni, and other members of the Fall River community looked on. 
The first meeting of the Preservation Society was held in 2001 and the group has come a long way in the past 13 years.
Thanks to the effort put into the project by the Society, the bells have found a new home in a large modern tower here at Durfee's Elsbree Street campus.
When the bells began to ring during the ceremony, Steve Camara, member of the Preservation Society couldn't help but exclaim "It works!" It was a proud moment for all of Fall River. "It's a great day for the city of Fall River," Mayor Will Flanagan went on to say. "I live approximately one block from the bells, and I hope to be able to use them as an alarm."
The president of the Durfee Bells Preservation Society, Lester Cory, proudly thanked all those who played a part in this effort to restore the historic bells. The bells rang joyfully after each acknowledgement, which was then followed by two chimed songs. 
"It's a historic day," said Durfee Student Body Vice President Keegan Murphy. "It's an honor to participate in this ceremony. This is certainly a day I will never forget." 
Originally, the bells rang 29 times each morning, once for every year Bradford Matthew Chaloner Durfee was alive. Now the bells will ring again each morning both in memory of Mr. Durfee and for all of those who have played such a significant role in their restoration. 

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