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Address: 409 Cambridge Street

Telephone: 508-675-8325

Fax: 508-675-8328

Aguiar Jessica
Allain Jillian
Amaral Nichole
Araujo Cynthia
Arons Victoria
Assad Debra
Barbosa Ashley
Baxter Elizabeth
Bernardo Randy
Bertoncini-Guimond Cynthia
Botelho Linda
Brum Carrie
Bun Sereiphum
Burley Carla
Cabral Corinne
Cabral Dorothy
Cabral Eve Marie
Campos Yvette
Caouette Rebekah
Carreiro Natalia
Carroll-Souza Patricia
Champagne Nancy
Cidade Erin
Cote Lisa
Cote Lori
Crocker Rachel
D'Ambrosio Kelly
Desa Susan
Dumond Cindy
Estrella Josefa
Faria Lisa
Farias Grace
Franco Colleen
Gabardi Kelly
Gross Christine
Hajder Elizabeth
Jeffers Todd
Kilby Monique
Kirk Kathryn
LaGarde Michele
Lavigne Kerry
Levesque Christine
Lima Debra
Macedo Cheryl
Magan Susan
Martin Lisa
Mateus Judith
McCarthy Debra
McKay Jennifer
McMann Cheryl
Medeiros Debra
Medeiros Donna
Mello Cynthia
Mello Jennifer
Mueller Mary
O'Hearn Donna
Oliveira Gilda
Oliveira Michael
Palumbo Anna
Pancyck Christine
Pereira Stephanie
Prizio Maegan
Rego Maureen
Ricciardi Danielle
Robertson Evelyn
Santiago Lourdes
Santos Kira
Shea Susan
Sidell Pollyanna
Smith Heather
Souza Wendy
St Pierre Linda
St. Ours Steven
Teixeira Elizabeth
Thorpe Robin
Verville Gail
Vigeant Breanne
Vincent Frances
Westgate Samantha
White Lisa
Winn Rann
Young Kera
Zema Mary
Zitano Leslie


News and Notices



Upcoming Events:

Last Day of 21st Century: Thursday, June 8th

Field day: Friday, June 1th at the school

4th and 5th Grade Dance: Wednesday, June 21st 3:00-5:00 pm permission slips must be signed. Appropriate dress required.

Field Trips:

2nd Grade: Thursday, June 8: 9-11 AM Pulaski Park 11:30-2:30 Swansea Cinema

3rd Grade: Wednesday, June 14th Buttonwood Zoo, Tuesday, June 22nd Palaski Park 12-2 pm

4th Grade : 4th Grade GATE: Washington, DC trip June 6th-9th

Friday, June 14th Franklin Park Zoo

Thursday, June 15th Mrs. McCarthy and Mrs. Oliveira Boston trip 7:15-4:30

Friday, June 21st Picnic at Pulaski Park

5th Grade: Monday, June 12th Ms. Robertson and Mrs. Oliveira Boston Freedom Trail

Tuesday, June 13th Kirk, Kilby, Mueller, Mello and Langley- Boston Museum of Science

Monday, June 19th Class day at Pulaski Park

Friday, June 23rd Moving on Ceremony- 9:00-11:30am


Early Release Days: Friday, June 23rd and Monday, June 26th 12 oclock dismissal- no lunch will be served. 



School Day: 

8:35 AM - 2:52 PM

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  • Outdoor recess will be held if 
  • weather permits.
  • Student spirit wear patches/logos are available in the main office.  Spirit wear must be visible during the school day.
Morning Day Care:

Our School offers morning daycare!  $2.00 a day and drop off anytime after 7:15 AM

After School Programs:

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