Spirit wear Information for Parents and Guardians



Spirit Wear Attire:

Shirts:  Light Grey, Kelly Green and Navy Blue

Pants/Shorts/Skirts: Khaki, Navy Blue and Black




  • Tees- Kelly Green, Navy, or Light Grey, Oxford Shirts and Polo collared shirts, Sweatshirts
  • All shirts must have White or Green Logo
  • Iron-on logos will be available to purchase through the main office for .50 each
  • Logo needs to be placed on the upper left side


  • Dockers, Dickies or Chinos - khaki, Navy Blue or Black. NO jeans, jogging pants, skinny pants or stretch knit pants.
  •  *Jogging Pants or Athletic Shorts/Pants (Physical Education Days only)                          
  • Pants Colors: Navy Blue or Black


Skirts or Skorts

  • No really short items – (length of shorts or skorts must be below the length of the child’s arm)
  • Khaki, Navy or Black
  • *Skirts/Jumpers with leggings or tights under the skirt
  • Colors: Navy Blue or Black



  • No flip flops or high-heeled sandals
  • Sneakers are recommended (Any)



Spirit wear Logo Patches will be available at the main office from Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM every day.  The Spirit wear logo patches will also be available for sale at the school throughout the month of August for the convenience of families.  Each patch will be sold for 50 cents.  Parents may also purchase a sheet of 12 patches for $5.00.  When you purchase the patches, we will also give you an instruction sheet that shows you how to iron the patches on the shirts and t-shirts so that they stick.  Please feel to contact us with any questions or issues regarding our spirit wear initiative. 


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Change in Procedure for students not picked up at their drop off point:

To all parents with students in Kindergarten to grade 2 who receive transportation from FRPS, there is a change in the procedure for all students who are not received from their drop off point. 

Previously those students would be returned to their school pick up by a parent. Beginning Monday, September 11, any students who is not met by a parent/guardian at the appropriate drop-off point will be delivered to the Transportation Office located at 290 Rock St. Fall River, Ma second floor (508-675-8330 ext. 55237.)

It is the parent's responsibility to ensure their child is picked up successfully. We will continue to follow our standard operating procedure of contacting DCF and the police if repeated incidents beyond three occurrences.

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Morning Day Care:

Our School offers morning daycare!  $2.00 a day and drop off anytime after 7:25 AM


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