Class of 2015 Graduation Requirements

To enter the sophomore year: 5 credits required
To enter the junior year: 11 credits required
To enter the senior year: 17 credits required
To graduate: 22 credits required

English 4 Credits Required

(English I, II, III, IV)

Math 3 Credits Required

(Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II required for college admissions)

Science 3 Credits Required

(Two years of a lab science required for college admissions)

Social Studies 3 Credits Required

(US History I, US History II, World History II)

Physical Education 2 Credits Required

Health 2 Credits Required

World Languages 2 Credits Required (minimum of 2 years of the same World Language if college bound)

MCAS -Students must pass English, Math, and Science MCAS to
be eligible for a high school diploma.

*If you have any additional questions about graduation requirements,
see your guidance counselor.