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Elementary Physical Education!

What's happening in your child's class? For the remainder of January and parts of February, student's in K-5 Will be focusing on the sport of Basketball.  Expected outcomes are listed below. We are incorporating several FUN lead-up activities to help enhance these grade level outcomes.  Ask your child about them.  

Kindergarten ~

       ·       Use two hands to bounce and catch a large playground ball

  •    Use two hands to bounce and catch a ball while traveling forward

First Grade ~

     ·    Dribble a ball in self space using one, then the other, hand

  •    Dribble a ball in self space while switching from one hand to the other.    

Second Grade ~

     ·    Dribble a ball in self space using both hands

  • Dribble while moving to the right and left on a signal
  • Dribble and change from one speed to another and from one pathway to another on a signal    

Third Grade ~

·    ·         Dribble a ball in self space, using alternating hands.

·         Dribble and change direction and speed at the signal.

  • Dribble and change pathways at the signal    

Fourth Grade ~

     ·   ·   Dribble continuously while stopping and starting traveling at the signal

·   Dribble while keeping the ball away from stationary opponents

  • Travel, dribble and chest/bounce pass the ball to a stationary partner

Fifth Grade ~

     ·   Dribble while traveling in a group without touching others or stationary objects


  • Dribble and smoothly change pathways


  • Dribble and change from one speed to another without stopping


  • Dribble and throw a leading pass to a moving partner using chest or bounce pass


  • Use a variety of relationships with others to play or design a small group game     





Jump rope for heart PE Fundraiser!.

The Fundraiser is in full force right now. Prior to December break your child was sent home with a collection envelope.  If you choose to partake in the fundraiser please continue to solicit donations from friend and family. The event will take place in PE during the week of February 13th-17th. All envelopes should be submitted before that week. 

Sneaker reminder!  It is important for the safety of your child and their classmates to wear the proper footwear during P.E.  All athletic shoes are acceptable.  Not acceptable are; dress shoes, sandals, boots, and open toed shoes.  If your child does not own a pair of sneakers and you would not be able to meet that need anytime in the near future do not hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak with Ms. Lisi or Mr. Shaw.  We will see what we could do to make your child's experience in School a pleasurable one.

With winter in full force.  If you choose to send your child to school with boots or shoes, that you have them pack a pair of sneakers on the day's they have PE.