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Elementary Physical Education!

What's happening in your child's class?March maddness has arrived.  During this month children in grades K thru 2 will focus on "team building" activities.  The focus on these activities is to Show active listening skills, Build Confidence, Showing Patience, Showing strong Communication Skills, Show ability to work with others, Positive planning and evaluations skills, Show positive leaderships skills, Support and trust others in group, Show how being persistent can pay off, Focus on correctly identifying the problem and planning a solution.  Please spend some time with your child and ask about what they learned during that weeks lesson.

All student's in grades 3 thru 5 will have and opportunity to work on improving their physical fitness scores by working in small groups with emphasis on achieving their goal.  This goal was set earlier in the year and must have been considered a SMART goal.  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realisic, Timely.  When they are not working on their achieving their fitness goal, they will be working on skills in the sport of Hockey. The outcomes specific to Hockey are ; Identify and review key vocab and rules unique to the sport of hockey, Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between hockey, basketball,  soccer and football, Relate the cultural significance of hockey in the United States and the world, Practice basic movement skills while manipulating an object (stick), Practice manipulating an object with a stick: dribble, passing, receiving, shooting, etc, Identify and apply appropriate skills and strategies required to play beginner hockey. Please spend some time with your child and aske them what are some key terms associated with Hockey.

Any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me at the following email address  eshaw@fallriverschools.org 



Sneaker reminder!  It is important for the safety of your child and their classmates to wear the proper footwear during P.E.  All athletic shoes are acceptable.  Not acceptable are; dress shoes, sandals, boots, and open toed shoes.  If your child does not own a pair of sneakers and you would not be able to meet that need anytime in the near future do not hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak with Ms. Lisi or Mr. Shaw.  We will see what we could do to make your child's experience in School a pleasurable one.

With winter in full force.  If you choose to send your child to school with boots or shoes, that you have them pack a pair of sneakers on the day's they have PE.