Welcome to Mary L. Fonseca

Elementary Physical Education!


Welcome back Golden Eagles!!!!!!!  On this page you will find up to date activities going on in Physical Education class.

Mr. Shaw and Mr. T are very excited about this year.

For the month of January, All student's will have a choice of which activity to focus on for the month.  The option are either; Educational Dance, Weight transfer and balance, or Hockey Skills.

Educational Dance~  We will use the Wii gaming console to work on movement skills based off of a 4 or 8 count.  Student's will focus on Rhytmic patterns while challenging themselves by choosing patterns with a higher BPM (beats per minute)

Weight transfer and Balance~ Students will focus on static balance, Rolls, and skills used on a low-level balance beam.

Hockey skills~ Students will implement the skills they have learned in previous lessons and apply them in a small group floor hockey activity.  (forehand, backhand, wrist shot, stick handling, offense and defense strategies and positioning)

Bienvenido a las águilas doradas, en esta página encontrará actividades actualizadas en clase de educación física. El Sr. Shaw y el Sr. T están muy entusiasmados con este año. Las actividades de octubre se publicarán pronto. Manténganse al tanto. Cualquier pregunta no dude en ponerse en contacto con el Sr. Shaw en eshaw@fallriverschools.org
Para el mes de octubre, todos los estudiantes se enfocarán en el lanzamiento de manos y manos. K-2 habilidades para será sobre todo en el uso del tiro de mano. Varias de las actividades reforzarán esta habilidad. estaremos jugando algunos Mantenga su habitación limpia, Bombardeo, e incluso algunos bolos.

Los estudiantes en los grados 3-5 se centrarán más en el lanzamiento de mano y la captura de varios objetos. El deporte del foco será fútbol. Varias actividades en las que trabajaremos inlcude; Mantenga su habitación limpia, pasar patrones, mantener lejos, a continuación, terminar con algunos bolos también.



Sneaker reminder!  It is important for the safety of your child and their classmates to wear the proper footwear during P.E.  All athletic shoes are acceptable.  Not acceptable are; dress shoes, sandals, boots, and open toed shoes.  If your child does not own a pair of sneakers and you would not be able to meet that need anytime in the near future do not hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak with Ms. Lisi or Mr. Shaw.  We will see what we could do to make your child's experience in School a pleasurable one.