Erika Cashman

4th Grade English Language Arts and Social Studies

Henry Lord Community School - Room 209


Hello Families  -  Hola Familias
In Fourth Grade we will be talking a lot about what it means to have a "Growth Mindset."  This may be a concept that some people aren't familiar with yet, but don't worry, we will learn and grow together!  The most important thing to know about Growth Mindset is that anyone can be good at anything with practice and perseverence.  Challenges lead to progress and mistakes can be our friends. 
*Here are some images to help familiarize you with Growth Mindset language and philosophy.

























Read, Read, Read!!!


4th Graders are expected to read 20 - 30 minutes each night. 

Please make good use of the Children's Room at the Fall River Public Library. 

Fall River Public Library - Children's Room

Visit and enjoy the Reading Rockets parent website.

It is packed full of helpful information and tips to help families inspire and encourage young readers.

Reading Rockets - Parent's Page


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