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Happy October!  We are in full swing here at the Doran school; setting and meeting new goals, while having fun!  The 8th grade has been following Steve Pemberton's personal journey in "A Chance in the World" in ELA, and using it as a mentor text to write their own memoirs.  In math, students have been tackling problems with exponents and scientific notation.  In 7th grade students are calculating with positive and negative intergers and reviewing their skills with adding fractions and decimals.  In ELA, students have been reviewing text structure and writing/editting their original narratives.  All of the teachers are impressed with the level perserverence and effort we have seen so far!


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If your child has executive functioning issues, learning difficulties may become more obvious in middle school. It’s a bumpy time for kids anyway, so the more help and support you can offer your child, the smoother the middle school years will be. The links below will show you specific ways to help your child!

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