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Happy Winter Fall River!  We are in full swing here at the Doran school; setting and meeting new goals, while having fun!  The 8th grade has just begun "To Kill a Mockingbird" in ELA, and using it to inspire great conversations about Social Justice and Equality vs Equity.  In math, students started their Functions Unit, and are collaboratively learning about slope of a line and y-intercepts. 

In 7th grade students are using their skills with the distributive property and combining like terms to solve multi-step equations!   In ELA, students have completed "A Night to Remember" and have created persuasive essays proving who is at fault for that tragic night.  All of the teachers are impressed with the level perseverance and effort we have seen so far!


Check out Khan Academy for additional resources to help your child at home practice what they are learning in math!


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7th Grade- Expressions and Equations

8th Grade- Functions


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