Learning Science

Discovery Education


National Geographic Animals

National Geographic Animal Database

A- Z Animals

Enchanted Learning

Animal Fact Guide

Sheppard Software - Animal Database

KidSpace @ The Internet Public Library (Animal Website Listing)

National Wildlife Federation

Virtual Zoo - Animal Pictures and Facts

Young People's Trust for the Environment

Animals from biomes around the world

Animal Inquiry Graphic Organizer

Buttonwood Park Zoo

Natural History Notebooks on Animals

Indian Tiger Welfare Society

Animal Adaptations





Endangered Animals   

Endangered Animals Fact Sheet

Enchanted Learning Endangered Animals

Sheppard Software - Endangered Animals

Konica Minolta - Our Endangered Animals

Bagheera  - Endangered Animals

Reference Resource






Background information on magnets

Science Kids - Magnet Facts

Magnets and Springs

Magnets - Questions & Answers







Discovery Kids - Volcano Explorer

Weather Wiz Kids - Volcanoes

How Volcanoes Work

Interactive Exhibit

Enchanted Learning Volcanoes

Science Kids - Volcano Facts







The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Energy Kids Page

A lesson on the basics of electricity

Frankenstein's Lightning Laboratory'

BBC - Changing Circuits

BBC - Circuits & Conductors

Electricity & Magnetism









United States Environmental Protection Agency

Massachusetts Bays Program








Solar System & Space             

KidSites - Links to Astronomy Websites

Kid Info - Astronomy Reference Resource

4 2 explore - Topic; Astronomy

Zoom Astronomy - All About Space (Enchanted Learning Website)

Zoom Astronomy - Our Solar System(Enchanted Learning Website)

Zoom Astronomy - The Planets (Enchanted Learning Website)

The Nine (Eight) Planets - For Kids

Planets for Kids

National Geographic - Science, Space, Planets

NASA - Starchild

NASA - Solar System Exploration

Stargazers Students (NASA)

Astronomy for Kids

Kids Astronomy

Kids Astronomy - Stars

Science Monster (by


European Space Agency (ESA) Kids

Space Kids

The Moon

Phases of the Moon Video

National Geographic Video

Harcourt (Phases of the Moon Interactive)

The Children's University of Manchester

Science kids - Moon Facts

Lunar Cycle Challenge Interactive

PBS - Phases of the Moon & More

Lunar Phase Simulator









The Great Plant Escape

Amazing Plants

Carnivorous Plant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Carnivorous Plants

Venus Flytrap

Meat-Eating Plants

Enchanted Learning  - Plants

Michigan 4-H Children's Garden (Kid's Tour)

Smith College Botanic Garden - Kids Corner

BBC Bitesize Biology - The World of Plants

Super Plant Trivia

Wayne's Word on Carnivorous Plants







Enchanted Learning website

National Geographic Animals

National Geographic Butterfly Life Cycle

The Butterfly Website

The Children's Butterfly Site

Kidzone - The Monarch Butterfly

San Diego Zoo

Science Kids - Butterfly Facts

Kids Konnect - Fast Facts & Links

The Butterfly Site - Butterfly Facts

The Butterfly Site - Life Cycle

Butterfly School






Science Activities and Websites

Sheppard Software - Variety of Topics

Rochester (NY) for Kids - Links to Science Websites - List of Science Websites

Science Monster

Crickweb - 11 Key Stage 1 Interactive Resources for Primary Grades

Crickweb - 7 Key Stage 2 Interactive Resources

Fact Monster Science

Extreme Websites

Games, stories, news, animals, pictures, postcards

The web site of the National Geographic Society

Teach the Children Well

Official Site for Foss Science  -  A Place for Support, Resources, and Fun Activities (All Levels)






The Rainforest           


Rainforest Webquest

Rainforest info & video

Rainforest Animals

Rainforest Animal info.

Enchanted Learning

abcteach site, (Teacher Resource)

The Living Rainforest

Rainforest Animals

Learning About Rainforests

Rainforest Animals

Rainforest Education

Journey Into Amazonia







National Geographic



National Geographic Kids

National Geographic






Weather & Natural Disasters   Weather Watch

Great for exploring and interacting with weather topics.

Kidstorm Sky Diary - Facts about Tornadoes, Lightning, Hurricanes, and Storm Chasing

Tornado information and interactive activity

Weather Wiz Kids

National Geographic – Natural Disasters

Enchanted Learning - Weather Related Themes

National Weather Service

Meteorology Guide

National Weather Service
Playtime for Kids

SciJinks Weather Laboratory

The Weather Channel

Web Weather for Kids

Wild, Wild Weather







The Magic School Bus                    

Scholastic's The Magic School Bus






Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids





Rocks and Minerals               

Interactives - Rock Cycle

Kids Love Rocks

Rocks for Kids

Science Kids

BBC - Rocks & Soils

Rock Cycle

Rock Hound Kids

Mineralogy 4  Kids

Idaho Public Television - Dialogue for Kids

Igneous Rocks - A Photographic Collection

Gallery of Mineral Photographs

US Geological Survey

Kids Geo - Geology for Kids







Earth Science & Geography               

Geography 4 Kids

Geography World

Geospy - National Geographic

World Atlas - Geographic Records & Info of All Kinds

Geography - Social Studies for Kids

Ducksters - Geography for Kids






Whales, Marine Mammals, &

Marine Animals  

Enchanted Learning - All About Whales

Gray Whales - Journey North for Kids

Whale World - Facts About Whales

Science Kids - Whale Facts

Kids Biology Animal Database

National Geographic Blue Whale Interactive

PBS Nature - Sperm Whales; The Real Moby Dick

Discovery Education - Blue Whales

NOAA - Whales: The Kids' Times

Marine Photography - Pictures of Whales

Whale Sounds
http://www.whalesounds.comContact Page






Simple & Compound Machines              


PBS Learning Media

ASPIRE Simple Machines

Museum of Science - Elements of Machines

Simple Machines Learning Site

Scholastic Internet Field Trip - Simple Machines




Science Kids



Scholastic Study Jams - Science



Scholastic Studyjams Video - Sound


BBC - Science Clips :Sound

Science Kids - Sound Facts

BBC - Changing Sounds Interactive



Water Cycle

US Geological Service

US Geological Service (Water Cycle for Kids)

Science Kids - Water Cycle

Kid's Crossing

Scholastic - Water Cycle Video

Water & Water Cycle Interactives

KidsZone Science

Enchanted Learning

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Video

Project Wet - The Water Cycle Water Cycle Video

Earthguide Interactive Diagram

Quizlet - Water Cycle Terms


States & Properties of Matter

Scholastic Studyjams

Science Kids

K 12 Flash

Harcourt Interactive

Fact Monster

BBC - Changing States

BBC - Gases Around Us

NYU - Water, Matter & Energy, & Atoms & Molecules

Dialogue for Kids - States of Matter




The San Diego Zoo

Neat facts About Bees

National Geographic - Honey Bee Dance Moves

National Geographic - Bee Facts

Enchanted Learning


Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Kids Konnect