Sheppard Software - Animal Database

KidSpace @ The Internet Public Library (Animal Website Listing)

Animal Allsorts: An A - Z of Animal Facts (For young readers)

National Geographic Creature Feature

Enchanted Learning

Animal Bytes

Peoples Trust for the Environment  - Animal Facts

Animals from biomes around the world

Animal Inquiry Graphic Organizer

Buttonwood Park Zoo

Animals - National Geographic

Animal Infobooks

Natural History Notebooks on Animals

Oakland Zoo - Animal Information

Indian Tiger Welfare Society



Endangered Animals  




BBC Revisewise Bitesize Science






















Grade 2 Estuaries:
National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA)

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Massachusetts Bays Program



MCAS Science Release Questions

Multiple Choice Questions







Open Respone Questions & Rubric Scored Responses


Question20 (Earth & Space Science)

Question 21 (Physical Sciences)


Question 18 (Technology & Engineering)

Question 19 (Life Science)


Question 18 (Earth & Space Science)

Question 19 (Earth & Space Science)

Question 37 (Life Science)

Question 38 (Technology & Engineering)

Question 39 (Physical Sciences)


Question 18 (Earth & Space Science)

Question 19 (Technology & Engineering)

Question 37 (Physical Sciences)

Question 38 (Earth & Space Science)

Question 39 (Life Science)


Question 18 (Physical Sciences)

Question 19 (Earth & Space Science)

Question 37 (Physical Sciences)

Question 38 (Technology/Engineering)

Question 39 (Life Science)


Question 18 (Life Science)

Question 19 (Physical Sciences)

Question 37 (Earth & Space Science)

Question 38 (Technology/Engineering)

Question 39 (Life Science)



Solar System & Space             


KidSites - Links to Astronomy Websites

Kid Info - Astronomy Reference Resource

4 2 explore - Topic; Astronomy

American Library Association (ALA) Astronomy and Space Websites


Zoom Astronomy - All About Space (Enchanted Learning Website)

Zoom Astronomy - Our Solar System(Enchanted Learning Website)

Zoom Astronomy - The Planets (Enchanted Learning Website)

The Nine (Eight) Planets - For Kids

National Geographic - Science, Space, Planets

All Grade Levels: Solar System NASA StarChild- a student website sponsored by NASA

StarChild Glossary (NASA) - A Dictionary of Astronomy Terms

Arty the Part Time Astronaut

Ask An Astronomer For Kids

Astronomy for Kids

Kid Astronomy

Science Monster (by

Astronomy for Kids - Thinkquest


European Space Agency (ESA) Kids

Astronomy for Kids (Astronomy Magazine)

A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System: One Star, Eight Planets, & More 

(Bill Arnett)

Thinkquest - The Sun, Man's Friend and Foe


Solar System Vacation Web Quest, Gr. 4-5

Solar System Web Quest, Gr. 4-5



Crickweb - Plant Life Cycles

Teacher's Domain (Inside a Seed)

Biology of Plants (Excellent site with info on all facets of plants)

The Great Plant Escape (Great plant glossary in teacher's guide)

Plants in Motion (time lapse photography)

Strange Plants

Carnivorous Plant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Carnivorous Plants

Venus Flytrap

Meat-Eating Plants

Includes information about aquatic plants & plant life in the major ecosystems (biomes) of the world; rainforest, tundra, taiga, desert, temperate, and grassland      ;

Illustrated glossary of plant terms    ;

The National Biological Information Infrastructure
(Info on plants and habitats)

Botanists-In-Trainind Dictionary

Michigan 4-H Children's Garden (Kid's Tour)

Smith College Botanic Garden - Kids Corner

BBC Bitesize Biology - The World of Plants

Super Plant Trivia

Wayne's Word  - All About Plants

Wayne's Word on Carnivorous Plants




Science Activities and Websites


Sheppard Software - Variety of Topics

Rochester (NY) for Kids - Links to Science Websites

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - List of Science Websites

Funology - The Science of Having Fun

Science Monster

Wayne's Word - Online Textbook of Natural History

Crickweb - 11 Key Stage 1 Interactive Resources for Primary Grades

Crickweb - 7 Key Stage 2 Interactive Resources

Fact Monster Science

Extreme Websites

Games, stories, news, animals, pictures, postcards

The web site of the National Geoographic Society

Virtual Zoo - Animal Pictures and Facts

Teach the Children Well

Official Site for Foss Science  -  A Place for Support, Resources, and Fun Activities (All Levels)


The Rainforest           

Rainforest Webquest

Rainforest info & video

Rainforest Animals

Rainforest Animal info

Slide show with pictures and info on rainforests.

Enchanted Learning

World Rainforest Info. Port., animals hotlist

Jaguar information and pictures

abcteach site, basic facts

Hotlist of Rainforest Sites

Links to various sites


National Geographic

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic


Weather & Natural Disasters      

Great for exploring and interacting with weather topics.

FEMA for Kids (Hurricanes & Tornadoes)

The Weather Channel Kids

Kidstorm Sky Diary - Facts about Tornadoes, Lightning, Hurricanes, and Storm Chasing

ThinkQuest - Weather (links to weather related sites)

Tornado information and interactive activity to create tornado.

Weather Wiz Kids

National Geographic

Enchanted Learning - Weather Related Themes

Make your own snowflakes, patterns. Links to other snowflake sites.

Edheads - Weather

Blizzard of 1978 info.

Origins of the Bread & Milk Mania!

Forces of Nature Web site

Natural Disasters

National Weather Service

Meteorology Guide
National Weather Service
Playtime for Kids

SciJinks Weather Laboratory

The Weather Channel
Web Weather for Kids

Wild, Wild Weather

Tsunami  Information (Natural Disaster)

NOAA Tsunami Information

FEMA Tsunami Information

National Geographic - Tsunami Information


The Magic School Bus                    

Scholastic's The Magic School Bus


Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids


Rocks and Minerals               


Earth Science & Geography               

Geography 4 Kids

Geography World

Geospy - National Geograophic

GeoBee - National Geographic

World Atlas - Geographic Records & Info of All Kinds

Geography - Social Studies for Kids

Ducksters - Geography for Kids


Whales, Marine Mammals, & Marine Animals  

Enchanted Learning - All About Whales

How Whales Work

Gray Whales - Journey North for Kids

PBS Nature - Sperm Whales; The Real Moby Dick

Alaska Fisheries Science Center

Discovery Education - Blue Whales

Marine Photography - Pictures of Whales

Blue Whale Photographs

Learn about Marine Mammals

Whale Sounds

http://www.whalesounds.comContact Page

Links to lots of Aquariums


Simple Machines                


ASPIRE Simple Machines

Museum of Science - Elements of Machines

Simple Machines Learning Site

Scholastic Internet Field Trip - Simple Machines