College Admissions Glossary of Terms

Associate Degree- A degree granted by a college after the satisfactory completion of the equivalent of a two-year, full-time program of study (or its part-time equivalent).

Bachelor Degree- A degree granted by a college or university after the satisfactory completion of a four or five-year, full-time program of study (or its part-time equivalent).

CEEB Code for the SAT and ACT for B.M.C. Durfee High School is 220785. This code is also required on many college applications.

Rolling Admissions- An admission procedure by which the college considers each student's application as soon as all the required materials have been received. The college usually notifies an applicant of its decision without much delay.

Open Admissions- All applicants with a high school diploma or equivalent are offered admissions, generally offered by community colleges.

Early Action- Students who apply under a college's early action plan, if available, receive a decision in a short period of time, earlier than the standard response date. A student is not required to accept the offer of admission or to make a deposit prior to May 1st.

Early Decision- Students who apply under a college's early decision plan, if available, commit to enroll at the college if admitted and offered a satisfactory financial aid package. An accepted student must withdraw other applications.

Wait List- A list of students who meet the admissions requirements, but will only be offered a place in the class if space becomes available.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)- A form completed by applicants for federal student aid. Students and parents need to apply for a pin number before filling out the form on-line. The information from this form is sent to all of the schools that the student indicates on the application. This form must be filled out every year in order to be eligible for financial aid. The form should be filed as soon after January 1st of the year for which you are seeking aid. Check specific deadlines at each school to which you are applying.

CSS Profile- An additional financial aid form required by some colleges to determine student aid. a fee is required to submit this form.

Common Application- An application package that can be submitted to nearly 300 colleges and universities. Completing one application that can be sent electronically or by mail to several colleges can save time. Check to see if the colleges you are applying to accept the common application.