Ms. Martin's Webpage


Special Needs Guidance Counselor

Student in grades 10-11 and all students in the Bridge Program.

Located in Main Office, Room 205.



How to contact Ms. Martin:

Phone (508) 675-8100 Extension 1226

Fax # (508) 675-8186


Ms. Martin has been working as a guidance counselor at Durfee since 2003. Prior to working at Durfee, Ms. Martin worked for several years as a Social Worker for the Department of Social Services, she decided to return for her Master's Degree in Education at Bridgewater State College. She has also continued on with her education beyond her Master's Degree and received her CAGS Degree in Education from Bridgewater State College. Ms. Martin is available to meet with students before school, after school and during lunch periods. During the school day, students should sign up on the guidance appointment clipboard located outside the office and Ms. Martin will get to them as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours; if not the same day).

Homework request: If a student is absent from school for more than 2 consecutive days, please contact the Guidance Counselor to request missed school work. Students can also check with classmates or email individual teachers to see what they missed.

Special Education Parent's Guide Information: A Parent’s Guide to Special Education.  Written by the Federation for Children with Special Needs in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Guide is meant to serve as a resource for parents, and the organizations that serve them. The Guide contains the most current and accurate information available regarding the special education system in Massachusetts.  It is the hope of the Federation that this publication will assist families in obtaining the supports and services that their children with disabilities need to succeed in school.

*** A Parent’s Guide to Special Education is available in several different formats and three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.