Mrs. Vezina

5th Grade Math & Science

Students have been working hard in fifth grade.  In math they are learning the routine of centers and how we can use centers to make learning fun.  Students were successful with meeting the expectations of staying on task and using appropriate volume when working with their team.  They practiced multiplication with a coloring activity, dominos, and getting time on Dreambox.  Students were also reminded that they have access to Dreambox at home if they wish to keep practicing.

In science, students are learning about about the scientific method.  This week we tested oil and water to see if it would mix.  Last week they built a structure out of string, tape, and spaghetti.  Their structure had to hold one marshmallow at the top.
















*Math homework is given Monday-Thursday and will be a review on a previously known concept.  Science homework will be given once a week.  Homework will sometimes be a written assignment while other times it will require the student talking about what they have learned in class and getting a parent's signature.

*If you have not returned your "back to school" packet, please bring it in as soon as possible.  I can't post any pictures on our class website until I have a parent consent form.  Thanks!

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Review what you already know, practice new skills, or start working on a new math skill with these fun math games.

Coordinate Grid Game

Practice using a coordinate grid with this fun game which is similar to battleship.