Welcome to the ACESE Program!

What's happening at ACESE these days...

A special program with the Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies made science instruction come to life this year! The Lloyd Center educational staff visited our school twice this year, and we're headed out to their field research site at the end of the month to experience all our new knowledge about estuaries, food chains, and local animal habitats to life!

In June, we'll extend our knowledge to larger marine animals when we visit Mystic Aquarium. Finally, we'll move to land animals at Roger Williams Zoo! It's a busy spring!

One of our paraprofessionals, Mrs. Casale, is receiving an award from the Bristol County Educators' Association to honor her work over the years in Fall River. We're very proud of her!

At the end of the year, families will be invited to our annual Art Show and Awards/5th grade Promotion Ceremony, where students will share art work and short pieces from their novels written during NaNoWriMo in November. A slide show and reception will close out this ACESE tradition.

Enrollment in the ACESE Program is determined on a case by case basis by the district, due to our license as a public school day program.



Dates to Remember:

June 4 - Mystic Aquarium field trip


June 11 - Roger Williams Zoo field trip


June 23 - ACESE Program BBQ and swim party


June 24-25 - half days for students


June 25 - last day of school


Art Show/Awards Ceremony date TBA

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