Welcome to the ACESE Program!

What's happening at ACESE these days...

National Novel Writing Month results: Eleven out of our twelve fourth and fifth grade students who participated in NaNoWriMo were able to reach their word counts and win the challenge! Students who won are now revising and editing the rough drafts of their novels before submitting their final drafts for publication! Well done, ACESE!!

Older students at ACESE have been learning about electricity in science. We'll learn a whole lot more about that on our upcoming field trip to the Boston Museum of Science!

Our younger students have been studying whales, and the super-smart naturalists at the Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies stopped in with some estuary friends to talk about ocean life and let us meet some of our local estuary residents!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day has paved the way for a study of black history, which will continue throughout the month of February.


Enrollment in the ACESE Program is determined on a case by case basis by the district, due to our license as a public school day program.



Dates to Remember:


January 24 - end of term 2


January 27 - no school for students - teacher professional development day


January 29 - field trip to Boston Museum of Science


February (dates to be determined) - ACESE Swim Lessons Program begins at Boys & Girls Club



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