Resiliency Preparatory School Guidance Department & Guidance Handbook

Guidance Handbook Below:


Meet the Guidance Counselor!

Mr. Dussault
Mr. Dussault is in his third year working at RPS with 17 years of experience in the district,  the previous years were spent at Henry Lord Middle School. He graduated from Roger Williams College in 1986 and earned his Masters of Education in Counseling in 1988. He is married and has two children, one a senior in college and one a freshman in college. He grew up in Fall River and currently lives in a neighboring town. Professionally, he has been in the district as a guidance counselor since 1998, previously he was the Counseling Coordinator at the ComCare Services Southeast Alternative High Schools in Middleboro, MA and Brockton, MA.

Graduation Information

In order to graduate, students must complete the following requirement

  • Passing grades in 4 English classes
  • Passing grades in 3 History classes
  • Passing grades in 3 Science classes
  • Passing grades in 3 Math classes
  • Passing grades in 2 Health classes
  • Passing grades in 2 Physical Education classes
  • Electives
  • 20 credits
  • Needs improvement, Proficient or Advanced on MCAS in ELA, Math and Science (either biology, physics, technology & engineering or chemistry)

Enrollment Process

The enrollment process begins with a referral from Durfee. This referral is followed by a review of the student by Mr. Silva and an intake with either Mr. Hargraves or Mr. Dussault. If students are found elibigle, their transcripts and IEP/504 plan (where applicable) are reviewed. A meeting with parents and the student takes place and then a schedule is developed for the student to place them in appropriate classes. Students entering mid term will are placed in an online, after school program until the start of the next term when placement is reviewed and students are transitioned into day school courses.

Programs at RPS

Resiliency Preparatory School is a place where the programs we offer are designed to meet the needs of our students. Every student can take the path that is right for them! Below is a brief description of the programs available at RPS.

  • Day School: Day school is for students who are on track to graduate in their expected graduation year. These students take all their core classes and electives during the day from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.
  • Online Credit Recovery: For students that are not on track to graduate in their expected graduation year, RPS offers a route for these students to catch up on credits by completing classes online using the APEX learning software. Students can make up credits in as little as six weeks based on their level of dedication and time spent online. These students may either transition back into day school when they have caught up, or might be completing their last few classes online before they graduate! Many of these students work on thei classes both from home and from one of two computer labs in the building.
  • Student Re-engagement Program: For students who are new to RPS or have been out of school for some time, the re-engagement program allows students to transition into RPS in an after school program from 2:45 to 5:00 that includes online learning and programs with the school adjustment counselors so that new students will be ready to enter the RPS day school classrooms and be successful amongst their peers!
  • Twilight Program: For students whose schedules are non-conducive to a typical 8-3 school schedule, RPS has implemented the Twilight Program. Utilizing the APEX online classes program, students can work on their full course load in the computer at RPS from 2:45 to 5. Students can also make up for missed time at home on their own time. Unlike students in the re-engagement program (who are also attending school at this time) Twilight Program students have no intention on re-entering day school. 


Resources for Students