Illustration SBU Overview

Independent Project Form

• Lesson Plan Links

Project 1 - History of Icons

Project 2 - Illustration History

Project 3 - Understanding Value

Project 4 - Creating a Self Portrait

Project 5 - Andy Warhol Portrait

Project 6 - Understanding Perspective

Project 7 - Drawing the Human Figure

• General Resource Links

A. Mixing Up Illustration Techniques

B. Adding Watercolor to an Illustration (Video)

C. Adding Color to Pencil Drawings (Video)

D. Guide to starting your own design business.

• Project 1 Resource Links

A. Create a Set of Food Icons

B. Icon Design Examples

• Project 3 Resource Links

A. Understanding Values (Video)

• Project 4 Resource Links

A. Mark Making Examples

B. Self Portrait Examples

• Project 5 Resource Links

A. Andy Warhol Art Examples

B. Warhol Inspired Portrait

C. How to Screen Print (Video)

• Project 6 Resource Links

A. Perspective Cube Drawing Examples

B. How to Draw 1 & 2 Point Perspective (Video)

• Project 7 Resource Links

A. Logo Sketch Examples

B. Design Studio Logo Examples


• Project 1 Required Reading:

A. History of Computer Icons

• Project 2 Required Reading:

A. Wiki: History of Illustration

B. Illustration History

• Project 3 Required Reading:

A. How to Draw a Value Scale

• Project 5 Required Reading:

A. Wiki: Andy Warhol

B. More on Andy Warhol

• Project 6 Required Reading:

A. Linear & Aerial Perspective

• Project 7 Required Reading:

A. Mistakes in Logo Design

B. Designing Logos

• Required Reading 4

How to Survive a Critique

• Required Reading 5

Conceptual Art Definition

Conceptual Art

What Makes Good Conceptual Illustration

• Questions:

Question 1 - Have you ever made an illustration?

Question 2 - What type of illustrator are you?

Question 3 - Do you think Andy Warhol enjoyed creating art?

Question 3 - What. Why. How.

Question 5 - Classroom Phone Policy

Question 6 - Independent Project

Question 10 - There's an APP for that.

• Reflections:

Illustration Reflection 1

Illustration Reflection 2

Illustration Reflection 3

Mid Year Exam

Project 1 - Animated Vector Icons

Project 2 - APP Development

Project 3 - Create a Bookcover

Project 4 - Vintage Postcard

Project 5 - Kid's Magazine Layout

Project 6 - Conceptual Illustration

Project 7 - Creating an Infographic

Project 8 - Event Typography Poster

Project 9 - Business Flyer

Project 10 - Wedding Invitation

Project 11 - Change Hair Color

Project 13 - Magazine Cover

Project 14 - PSA Poster

Project 15 - Projection Photography

Project 16 - Magazine Layout


• General Resource Links:

A. Making Your First Cartoon Video & Link to Assets

B. Building a Puppet from Scratch

C. Making Your First Character

D. Tips & Tricks

E. Storyboard Handout

F. Sound Downloads

• Project 2 Resource Links

A. APP Concept Sketch Examples

B. APP Screenshot Sketch Form

C. APP Creation Layout

• Project 6 Resource Links:

A. Conceptual Art Examples

B. Conceptual Illustration Examples

C. Conceptual Editorial Illustration Examples

• Project 10 Resource Links:

Wedding Invitation Examples

• Project 11 Resource Links:

Magazine Cover Examples

• Project 16 Resource Links:

A. Magazine Layout Examples

B. Lead Page Sketch

C. 2 Page Spread Sketch

D. Sketch Expectations

• Required Reading 16

A. Anatomy of a Magazine Layout 1

B. Anatomy of a Magazine Layout 2

C. Lorem Ipsum


Visual Design III Final Exam

Reference your FRAMEWORK TRACKING CHART and choose tutorials that can assist with acquiring proficiency in a targeted framework.

• 2.D.02 Demonstrate Vector Based Skills

Paper Cutout Illustration

Captain Portrait Illustration

• 2.D.05 Demonstrate Page Layout Skills

Constructivist Poster

• 2.D.07 Demonstrate Animation Skills