Junior year begins with a semester long 'Standards Based Unit' (SBU) of instruction that focuses on Digital Photography. During the second semester students will complete a SBU focusing on Video Production. Students will also be required to use the what they have learned sophomore year and apply design and typographic principles, type/image integration, and creating multi-media design projects of moderate and increasing complexity.

SBU Icon System - All lessons and web portals have been designed to work in conjunction with each other. Students are prompted at the beginning of each lesson with a series of icons. These icons let the student know what methods they will be using to complete the lesson.

At the end of each lesson students will have the opportunity to have peers analyze their work. All lesson plans contain a 'Peer Check In' which consists of a series of questions a classroom peer can use to conduct an evaluation of the final project. All students are encouraged to engage in this process for every project to ensure the best possible assessment outcome.

SBU Overview

SBU Student Resources

• Lesson Plan Links

Project 1 - Depth of Field

Project 2 - Rule of Thirds

Project 3 - Surreal Landscape

Project 4 - Emotional Portrait

Project 5 - Lego Portrait

Project 6 - Double Exposure

Project 7 - Expression

Project 8 - Actor Headshots

Project 9 - Commercial Ad

Project 10 - Movie Poster

Project 11 - Elements of Design

Project 12 - Still Life

• General Resource Links:

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

CANON Learn & Challenge

Practice 1 - Spot Healing (for skin blemishes)

Practice 2 - Soften Skin

Color Scheme Creator

Making Selections in Photoshop

The Art of Photography Videos

Camera Ubscura



Shutter Speed


Rule of Thirds

Rule of Odds

Color Theory

• Project Resource Links:

Project 1 - Depth of Field Examples

Project 2 - Rule of Thirds Examples

Project 3 - Surreal Photography Examples

Project 4 - Emotional Portrait Tutorial

Project 5 - LEGO Portrait Tutorial

Project 6 - Double Exposure Tutorial

Project 7 - Watercolor Expression Tutorial

Project 8 - Headshot Examples

Project 9 - Commercial Photography Examples

Project 10 - Movie Poster Tutorial

Project 11 - Elements of Design Examples

Project 12 - Fine Art Examples - Still Life Examples

• Introduction to Photography

A. History of Photography

B. Exposure in General

C. Exposure in Depth

• Project 1 Required Reading

A. Composition Rules

• Project 2 Required Reading

A. Leading Lines

• Project 3 Required Reading

A. Lighting Types

B. Light Sources

• Project 4 Required Reading

A. Capturing Emotion

• Project 7 Required Reading

A. Fine Art Photography

• Project 9 Required Reading

A. Commercial Photography

• Project 12 Required Reading

A. Still Life Photography

How to answer Open Response Questions

Question 1 - Changed Your Life

Question 2 - Commercial Photography

Question 3 - Day in the Life

Quiz 1 - Exposure

Quiz 2 - Equipment

Midyear Exam

• Lesson Plan Links

Project 1 - Stop Motion Animation

Project 2 - Film Trailer

Project 3 - Film Short

• Software Resource Links:

Adobe Premeire Pro Tutorials

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

iMovie Basic Instructional Video

iMovie Green Screen Video

Garageband Basic Instructional Video

• Video Resource Links:

Videezy Free Video Downloads

Videvo Free Video Downloads

Download Youtube Content

• Sound Resource Links:

Freeplay Music Downloads

Sound Bible Effect Downloads

Vimeo Video 101

• Project 1 Resource Links:

A. What does a storyboard look like?

B. Storyboard Handout

C. 2D Stop Motion Animation Examples - Video 1 - Video 2

D. Teaching with Animation

E. Using Photoshop to Create Still Frames

• Project 2 Resource Links:

A. iMovie Trailer Planners

B. Shot Framing Types

C. Camera Movement Types

• Project 3 Resource Links:

A. Sample Short Film Outline

B. TV Program Logos

• Introduction to Video Production

A. Video Production

• Required Reading 1

A. Stop Motion Animation

B. Why use Audio

• Required Reading 2

A. Trailer

• Required Reading 3

A. Short Film

B. Feature Film

C. Rules for Writing Short Films

Question 1 - Audio in Stop Motion Animation

Quiz 1 - Video Production

Final Exam