Sophomore year begins with a semester long 'Standards Based Unit' (SBU) of instruction that focuses on the Elements of Design. During the second semester students will complete a SBU focusing on the Principles of Design. Students will complete a variety of projects that encompass applied visual problem-solving exercises in which typography and meaningful concept are combined in order to shape the work into effective graphic design communication.

SBU Icon System - All lessons and web portals have been designed to work in conjunction with each other. Students are prompted at the beginning of each lesson with a series of icons. These icons let the student know what methods they will be using to complete the lesson.

At the end of each lesson students will have the opportunity to have peers analyze their work. All lesson plans contain a 'Peer Check In' which consists of a series of questions a classroom peer can use to conduct an evaluation of the final project. All students are encouraged to engage in this process for every project to ensure the best possible assessment outcome.

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Elements of Design

Principles of Design

Design Knowledge

Vector Techniques

• Resource Videos

Illustrator Help Videos

Indesign Help Videos

Photoshop Help Videos

• SBU Lesson Plan Links

Project 1 - Billboard Design

Project 2 - Phone Book Ad

Project 2.1 - Business Card

• Project 1 Resource Links

A. Billboard Design Examples

B. Effective Billboards

• Project 2 Resource Links

A. Phone Book Ad Examples

B. Proximity Assortments

• Project 2.1 Resource Links

A. Business Card Examples

• Illustrator Tutorials

Creating a Yeti

How to Create a 3D Text Effect

Draw a leaf in Illustrator

• InDesign Tutorials

Halloween Invite

Creating a Brand Identity Guide

• Required Reading 1

Balance Overview

• Required Reading 2

Proximity in Web Design

• Required Reading 2.1

Reading 1

Reading 2

Question 1 - Illustrator or Photoshop

Question 2 - Mid Year Reflection

Quiz 1 - Safety

Quiz 2 - Resolution & Formatting

Quiz 3 - Measurement & File Handling

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Project 3 - Magazine Layout

Project 4 - Website

Project 4 - Website Image Exporting

A. Magazine Layout Examples

B. Lead Page Sketch

C. 2 Page Spread Sketch

D. Sketch Expectations

• Project 4 Resource Links

A. About Page Sample

• Required Reading 3

A. Anatomy of a Magazine Layout 1

B. Anatomy of a Magazine Layout 2

C. Lorem Ipsum

• Required Reading 4

A. History of the Internet

Question 1 - Proximity in the Physical World

Quiz 1 - Balance

Quiz 2 - Proximity & Unity

Quiz 3 - Alignment

Quiz 4 - Repetition & Consistency

Quiz 5 - Contrast & Web Coding