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    2015-2016  Calendar 

All middle and elementary school games are on for tomorrow, at scheduled time and locations.


Teaching with Trout!
Dan Marchant from Mass Wildlife made a delivery of 120 trout eggs to Morton Middle School this past Tuesday, January 12.  The trout will be raised to maturity in Mr. Gallagher's Wilderness Studies class.  The trout themselves came as part of a program Mass Wildlife provides for the classroom called "Teaching with Trout".  
This program introduces students to the concepts of ecosystems, fisheries biology, freshwater ecology, water quality, and habitat conservation. 
In preparation for the delivery, the  students in Wilderness Studies set up a 55 gallon fresh water water tank. The tank is not altogether ordinary, as it works with special features including a 1/4hp chiller that keeps water temperatures in the tank at 50 degrees Fahrenheit- the preferred water temperature for trout. 
The students will be responsible for maintaining the tank, and keeping the water chemistry in check by testing and treating water. There are lessons that go along with the program including native trout mapping, a study on trout ecosystems and food chains, etc.,  
After a few months of care, the trout will be released in a local Massachusetts waterway. Congratulations to the students at Morton for taking advantage of such a great learning program!

Special thanks to Frank Farias, Fall River's Technology Integration Manager, who recognized the fit for the program at Morton and made it possible!



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